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Picture2Day was first imagined in 2011 by photographer Angel Conesa, who moved to NYC after finishing college in San Juan Puerto Rico. After working in pretty much all arenas of photography, including directly at crime scenes and as a fashion photographer, Angel realized instead of photographing dead people and even deader people (model humor!), he would much rather focus on capturing the moments and memories of the living.

Angel reinvigorated his love in photography backpacking across the US, taking photos of people (including a family portrait of Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea) until he landed on the West Coast where for the last couple of years while still working in the photography industry, figured out how to make this idea when he first discovered his love of photography come to fruition.

Angel moved up to NorCal and freelanced at various photography studios and continued his goal to continue celebrating the living and took on wedding photography as well. Working with old school photography studios rekindled Angel’s idea to transform the portrait photography business after seeing how existing companies didn’t even hire professional photographers or how limited and outdated the choices for backdrops were for his customers.


Having developed (pun intended) a network of fellow professionals photographers, videographer, editors and startup types (G) in Silicon Valley over the last couple of years, Angel realized he might have the right group of people to make this dream a reality. Also inspired by his first visit to Burning Man to capture the essence of the festival, the idea of a caravanning studio that would put a sharp focus on the love of life in what otherwise is a bit of a stodgy, inanimate experience of school picture day developed even further. The idea to expand Picture2Day to Silicon Valley startups and other people in need of professional headshots of themselves seemed like a natural extension as it was a clear need in the Silicon Valley where professional social media sites have become the new need for an adult picture day and what better way to offer that service than to bring that experience (but a lot better) to the workplace.


With a true photography professional (see nerd) at the helm and hiring truly trained photography professionals to create the experience, Picture2Day aims to not only do away with long lead times of obtaining those photos but also to make sure they are more affordable and flexible in terms of what you (good idea -- give them exactly what they want? quantity-based?) want from the experience, whether that be unique backdrops, action shots, or pre-digitized content so you don’t have to wait for a clunky CD (who has a CD drive anymore?!) to copy over your photos and share them with friends and family.

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