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Who We Are

Picture2Day is disrupting professional portrait photography as you know it. If you’ve gone through childhood, you’ve had the experience of sitting uncomfortably and forcing yourself to smile while a technician hired by a large company comes into your school for one day and decides what pictures of you are the most presentable. Picture2Day wants to change that experience by customizing not only how the photography session happens but allowing you to truly own the content and how to share that content in our social media-driven world. While traditional photography companies provide limited choices for poses and backgrounds and are using outdated technology and media if you want to digitize your photos, Picture2Day will facilitate more streamlined ways to access your precious content whether via email or directly uploaded to the platform of your choice. With an emphasis on the customer experience, we want to make sure that while we evolve the school picture day, we also want to retain the professionalism and memories of childhood that parents and children alike can relate to by still having options for professional-grade photographs on professional photo stock.

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Our photography organization is not focused on being a sales leader. We offer life experience, you learn while having fun. Our company has the responsibility to research, promote and innovate differently for each person. Our experience in managing social networks allows us to offer you a more accessible format; Smartphone friendly. We are paperless but we have perl matte short grain photo paper just in case you want to enlarge your memories.


In our organization p i c t u r e 2 d a y. We care about people, partners, clients, treating them respectfully and diligently, meeting the expectations of our clients. We strive with integrity in all aspects of our business. We are committed to excellence and total customer satisfaction in our performance, and we are committed to carrying out our responsibilities professionally.

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1341 Homestead rd, Santa Clara CA 95050

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